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Photography for Firefly

Photography for Firefly

Photography for Firefly Gastropub & Catering


We create fresh, contemporary brand identities, offering solutions and digital experiences that employ a clean, simple and reductive style of design. We are visual minimalists, eliminating clutter and seeking out balanced, thoughtful design solutions.


From custom builds to working with existing CMS's (content management systems) such as Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly and others, we have the expertise to design, manage and maintain your web presence. Responsive every step of the way...


The relationships you build through social media are vital to today's marketing efforts. We offer target market analysis, social media strategies, Facebook, and Instagram consults and more.


Photography is one of the most important tools in the modern day graphic designer's arsenal. Silo works with the what we consider among the best in the business. Product shots, portraits, creative photography and more—you need it, we have it. 


Silo works with several insanely talented artists/illustrators who can embellish your project with unique and stylized custom designs for your products, labels, logo—you name it.  If you're looking for that hand-drawn look and feel Silo has you covered.


We offer press release drafting and dissemination services, campaign and image consultation, Berkshire based event calendar entrees and publicity. Email list strategy, administrative oversight and management of marketing, image, and public relation campaigns.